Our Team

Our Team

Sian Gough-Roberts Sian Gough-Roberts , BScHons - Director

Sian founded Denbigh Building Plastics Limited in 2004.

Garry Jones Garry Wayne Jones - Director / Surveyor – MTC Qualified

Garry joined the company in 2005.

Mike Hargraves Mike Hargraves - Director of Sales

Mike joined us in 2007

Arywn Evans Arywn Evans - Processing Manager

Arwyn joined us in 2004

Rob Dawson Rob Dawson - Lead Installer - MTC Qualified

Rob joined us in 2006

Gareth Roberts Gareth Roberts - Installer/Service Engineer - MTC Qualified

Gareth joined us in 2007

Nigel Robinson Nigel Robinson - Lead Installer/Surveyor - MTC Qualified

Nigel joined us in 2008

Stuart Griffiths Stuart Griffiths - Warehouse Manager

Stuart joined us in 2011

Josh Jones Josh Jones - Installer

Josh joined us in 2013

Alex Griffith Alex Griffith - Warehouse

Alex joined us in 2014

Stephen Phanco Stephen Phanco - Lead Fitter - MTC Qualified

Steve joined us in 2015

Andy Messham Andy Messham - Lead Fitter - MTC Qualified

Andy joined us in 2015

Phil Wilcock Phil Wilcock - Installer

Phil joined us in 2016

Bobbie Hargraves Bobbie Hargraves - Reception

Bobbie joined us in 2016

Matthew Payne Matthew Payne , BScHons Econ - Accounts

Matthew joined us in 2016

Brett Mansfield Brett Mansfield - Procurement/Operations Manager

Brett joined us in 2016

Ryan Ethell Ryan Ethel - Installer

Ryan joined us in 2017

Ashley McKinstry Ashley McKinstry - Retail Sales & Marketing

Ashley joined us in 2018

Tom Pendlebury - Warehouse Assistant

Joined us in June 2018